Kelly Group

Kelly International Corp.

Products: Office & Educational Furniture, Ergonomic Product, Office Computer Accessories, Home & Kids furniture, Household products
Industry served: Education, Office, Health, Home
Market: Worldwide

Kelly Chemical Corp.

Consists of 7 manufacturing facilities, 14 sales offices, 3 application laboratories, all strategically located throughout China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand (Asia 4 markets).
Products: Colorants, Functional Additives, Emulsion Waxes, Specialty Binders, Plating Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals, Cleaner and Water Treatment Chemicals.
Industry served: Paint, Ink, Adhesives, Plastic, Latex, Construction, Wood Coating, Surface Treatment, Electronics, Packages, Lubricants and the many other niche areas.
Market: More than 40 strong worldwide sales networks.